Restaurant Frydlant

Why to visit restaurant U Wéwody fridlantského?

Great serving of honest Czech food, adequate amount of delicious alcohol or non-alcoholic beverage in one place. Is it a dream? It does not have to be!

IN here, at U Wéwody fridlantského you will experience a charming 17th-century atmosphere with a friendly staff, honest chefs, a pleasant environment and a great food.

Our team

We are a bunch of people for whom the restaurant is fun. Do not expect bored gestures and poisoned faces here! We look forward to every guest and we look forward to seeing you!

Our menu

    • Soups

    • Beef broth

      39 Kč

      overnight towed and served with root vegetables, meat and home-made noodles

    • Garlic soup

      39 Kč

      strong beef broth with pressed garlic, marjoram, cheese, smoked meat, potato and bread croutons

    • Something small

    • Rilletes

      85 Kč

      baked pork belly and pork neck with pickled onions, little cucumbers and fresh pastries

    • Tartar steak

      119 Kč

      tartar beef steak mixed with sardine, red onion, caper, yolk and a variety of secret spices, served with toasted bread and garlic clove

    • Red beet slices

      85 Kč

      with goat cheese mousse in a light tartlet

    • Farmer’s plate

      119 Kč

      smoked bacon from Olomouc, hard Balkan cheese and fresh goat cheese on a board with fresh bakery

    • Pickled Hermelin cheese

      79 Kč

      served with mild chilli horn, chopped chives and fresh bread

    • Salads

    • Salad Wewoda

      159 Kč

      seasonal salad with red onion, served with chipped chicken, homemade mayonnaise and pastry

    • Salad with cheese and pumpkin

      149 Kč

      lettuce with marinated pumpkin in rosemary, pumpkin seeds, lemon honey dressing, served with grilled goat cheese and pastry

    • Small mixed Salad

      69 Kč

      fresh vegetables with olive oil

    • Desserts

    • Flamed torn pancake with forest fruits

      65 Kč

      sprinkled with vanilla sugar

    • Apple strudel with whipped cream

      54 Kč
    • Sweet potato dumplings

      85 Kč

      with blueberry sauce and roasted breadcrumbs

    • Czech cuisine

    • 1/4 duck in a pan

      189 Kč

      1/4 roast duck with red cabbage and variations of dumplings

    • Slice of boar hams with rosehip sauce

      156 Kč

      with our Carlsbad dumplings and cranberries

    • Beef goulash

      134 Kč

      beef goulash with our bread dumplings, onion and berry horn

    • Pulled meat

      134 Kč

      pork and poultry meat on home potato pancakes “Lokše” with variation of stewed and sour cabbage

    • Schnitzel of wild boar marinated in mustard ham and garlic

      210 Kč

      with roasted rosemary potatoes and cranberries

    • Speciality

    • Steak of deer chops

      239 Kč

      with chanterelle sauce and our potato pancakes

    • Salmon steak on the grill

      235 Kč

      with hollandaise sauce and grilled vegetables

    • Steak from a young pig

      219 Kč

      pork stuffed with bacon, on pepper sauce, mashed potatoes

    • Chicken steak

      186 Kč

      marinated in thyme, served on grilled vegetables and with herb mayonnaise

    • Boar steak in herbs

      235 Kč

      with our potato pancakes and cranberries

    • Pork chop on grate

      235 Kč

      with roasted rosemary potatoes
      and garlic dip

    • Roasted pork knee

      284 Kč

      roasted in black beer and herbs, served with mustard, horseradish, lamb horns, cucumber and bread

    • Grilled vegetables with goat cheese

      149 Kč

      seasonal vegetables and young potatoes from the grill with goat cheese in herb crust

    • Mini potato dumplings

      139 Kč

      with spinach and dried tomatoes, in cream sauce with shavings of ripe cheese



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